Manhattan – Short business trip in December

Although I write about our travels, I actually am still employed by my old company and actually work at least a little bit every day, and sometimes more. It is done mostly now while on the road. But sometimes I still need to travel for staff meetings, sales meetings, and some trade shows. My actualContinue reading “Manhattan – Short business trip in December”

Dockweiler – 3 weeks at the beach

After spending Thanksgiving boon-docking in front of the Kelly house, on December 2nd we moved 30 miles to Dockweiler State Beach RV Park. This is right on the beach in the City of El Segundo, right next to LAX Airport. The planes take off from LAX just a few miles north of our beach RVContinue reading “Dockweiler – 3 weeks at the beach”

Atlantic Crossing Cruise – Port Excursions

Obviously a large part of an Atlantic Crossing is sea days, and we had plenty of them. Including six in a row at the end of the cruise until we reached Ft. Lauderdale. But we did have some great port stops through the first eight days of the cruise, and really only one port LeslieContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing Cruise – Port Excursions”

Atlantic Crossing Ocean Cruise – Overview

The final part of our long European vacation was an ocean cruise leaving from Barcelona and ending in Ft. Lauderdale 14 days later. This was our second Ocean Cruise and we loved both of them. We had a total of 15 people in our group including us. Our usual cruise group of Joe, Craig, RichContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing Ocean Cruise – Overview”

Barcelona – short visit on the way to the Ocean Cruise

We left Prague in the morning of November 3rd for a flight to Barcelona. We flew on Czech Airline for almost certainly the only time in my life. It’s hard to believe but it seemed like the plane space was even tighter than US domestic airlines! Of course the most important thing was getting thereContinue reading “Barcelona – short visit on the way to the Ocean Cruise”