Leslie wins a cruise

While we were travelling in our motorcoach the travel agency Leslie works with started a contest in which whoever sells the most cruises on Carnival Cruise lines during the month of July wins a free Carnival cruise for two! Thanks in part to our friend Butch recommending Leslie to some people, Leslie ran away withContinue reading “Leslie wins a cruise”

Back to Phoenix and a friend gets married

Leaving Flying Flags felt like the end of a large part of our trip and this was all planned in advance as a precursor to our large and long (45 day) European trip starting in October. We left Buellton on September 3rd and stopped at the Kellys in Long Beach for a couple of nightsContinue reading “Back to Phoenix and a friend gets married”

MarshAnne Landing Vineyard & southern Oregon friends

We just loved Newport, Oregon but had to move on. We had a date with Gigi & Harry (Leslie’s bestie from middle school) and were anxious to see them. On our way down we made another Harvest Host stop at MarshAnne Landing Vineyard and spent the night parked next to their main building. The husbandContinue reading “MarshAnne Landing Vineyard & southern Oregon friends”

A day in Seattle, local friends, leaving Gig Harbor

While most of our time in Gig Harbor was spent going back and forth to Vashon Island, we did take a day to drive into Seattle. Did the obligatory fish market and shops on the waterfront, and really had a great time just wandering around. At the end of the day we drove to anContinue reading “A day in Seattle, local friends, leaving Gig Harbor”