Heber City, Utah – June 22 to June 30, 2020

January of this year we stayed in Chandler, near Phoenix, and met a couple in another Dutch Star right next to ours. Jordy and Kim have since become great friends. They live in Salt Lake City and recommended this RV Park about 45 minutes away from the city in Heber City, which is actually very close to Park City.

As soon as we arrived we knew we found a real gem. The town around the RV Park is small and quaint but still has every type of store and convenience as it is a year round tourist area. The RV Spaces are very large compared to most, level and have quality hook-ups. The back area of the park has even larger spaces that are completely cement allowing for a large entertainment area around each coach. Also the back area has a separate pool, and other features that are adult only if you’re looking to be separate from the little ones. I even played my first round of golf in 5 months while there. I was supposed to play again later in the week with Jordy, but the weather turned on us and we never made it.

Leslie and I were there for eight nights and on only our 2nd day knew we liked it enough that we reserved a spot in the back area for the entire month of June, 2021! we got to know some of our neighbors walking around the park, including a couple in a 2002 Prevost conversion that still looked high end and had a unique orange paint job. We had noticed their distinctive rig during our stay at Elkhorn Ridge in South Dakota, and sure enough it was the same rig. Lisa and Tag are from the Portland area and because of COVID he is on hiatus from his job as a pilot for Alaska Airlines. We had a really nice evening over cocktails. Drinks were spilled & glasses were broken, so you know a good time was had.

Kim and Jasmine. Jasmine is a Bichon Frise breed.

As Jordy and Kim live only 45 minutes away they wanted us to drive to their place for dinner and to see their airplane hanger. The hanger doesn’t have an airplane inside, instead it is Jordy’s extreme workshop/garage. Jordy and family have been avid Motocross racers and extreme climbers for many years. The hanger houses all of his bikes, machinery to build parts of any description, and all around toy shop. He also stores his Dutch Star in there when they’re not on the road.

Jordy’s hanger. That’s Jordy on the left and me drooling next to him

Jordy and Kim also drove their rig out to see us and spent a few nights at Mountain Valley as well. Jordy is very handy and fixed a broken grate stuck in one of our slides, a latch on one of my slide out trays in the storage under the coach, and showed me how to use my high pressure hot water outlet and air pressure outlet. We made them dinner and drinks in return and had a great time together. I would say we had such a great time that Kim had to go back to her coach at 7:00 pm one evening as she had started a little too early on the “good time” part of the evening, and the same evening we had to walk Jordy back as he was none too steady himself!

The great Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah near the border of Nevada.

We left Mountain Valley, excited that we are going back next year, and started on our final legs to get to Reno. We stopped briefly to view the salt flats, and spent one night in Elko at an RV Park as the drive was further than we wanted to do in one day. But next we arrived in Reno/Sparks to see our son Patrick, his wife Mysha and their adorable son Ronan. Plus of course our many close friends from when we lived there. All about the nearly 2 months we spent in Reno/Sparks on my next posts.

4 thoughts on “Heber City, Utah – June 22 to June 30, 2020

  1. Great job selling the RV experience! How exciting to meet new friends from such interesting backgrounds and turn them into such party animals. Looking forward to experiencing your next adventure with you!


    1. HI Rose! Glad to see that you read the blog. And you have personally shared in the experience earlier this year in Tucson and last year too! We will see you in September!


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