Sioux Falls, South Dakota – June 1-5, 2020

After only one night in Madison we moved on to South Dakota for almost 3 weeks. Our first (of two) stops was in Sioux Falls. We stayed at another KOA right on the city edge. As I mentioned previously Leslie suffered a rib pull injury on our way east towards Newmar in Indiana. By the time we arrived in Sioux Falls she was still in so much pain we started to worry it might be more serious. So Leslie found a local Urgent Care and they were able to see her that very afternoon. I wasn’t able to go with her due to COVID restrictions, but she was very pleased with the kindness and service she received there. They didn’t find anything more serious than we thought which was great news. The only cure was time and being careful. She actually started to really improve while we were in Sioux Falls and we were able to see a couple of sights.

A long view of the falls
Close up on the largest drop

South Dakota was one of only two states I had never been to, so after this visit only North Dakota remains. While the largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls still only has less than 200,000 people. But it is modern with some nice things to see and friendly people. The most striking thing to see in the city is of course the falls which are easily accessible and part of a great park complex called (shockingly) Falls Park. It is also the home to Smithfield Foods, a very large national processed meat supplier for brands like Farmer John, Nathan’s, Armour and many others.

The restaurant we went to was located inside a converted farm equipment supplier. But farming is still a large part of the states economy

As we were there starting the beginning of June many businesses had started to open again and South Dakota had not had much of a breakout of COVID. So we decided to go out to dinner at a local casual restaurant for the first time in 3 months. While all the employees were wearing masks, and the closet table to us was about 12 feet away, Leslie and I still din’t feel fully comfortable and decided to not do this again for a while. While we limited our adventures in the area we still enjoyed it and would gladly go back.

Dinner out finally! This view form our table shows how many tables have been removed for social distancing.

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