May 31, 2020 – Leave Newmar for Madison, WI at the Madison KOA

After we picked up our coach on Friday the 30th we were allowed to stay one more night at the Newmar Service Center RV Park, and left on Saturday. Leslie has always wanted to go to the Rapid City, South Dakota area as that not only is the home of Mt. Rushmore, but also Custer State Park, the Black Hills, Badlands Park, Sturgis and Deadwood. So we started our journey back west by first going northwest up through the Chicago area and on to Wisconsin to take I-90 across the northern states.

Of course first we had to get out of Indiana. While we mostly enjoyed the state, the tolls on the freeways were crazy. We got on I-80 near South Bend and in only about 80 miles we went through 3 tolls that cost a combined $60! We were charged as a 5 axle vehicle, the 3 axles on our motorhome plus the 2 axles on our Jeep that we tow. Illinois had their tolls too, but were much more reasonable.

Driving through the Chicago area is always interesting as it has one of the great sky lines in this country as we left I-80 and went north on I-35. The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful expect for the amount of roadkill we saw in Wisconsin. It seemed as if there was a roadkill deer on the side of the freeway every 5-10 miles. We saw a road sign that said 18,000 deer were killed on the road last year, or an average of about 50 a day!

The sign in front of the cheese shop

The Madison KOA was fine, but with the real draw was the Cheese shop right near the entrance. So we put on our masks and went over. We picked up some of the best cheese either of us has ever had. The store wasn’t allowing free samples anymore, everyone was wearing masks and the counter staff was behind Plexiglas.

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