Indio to Indiana Part 2: Amarillo; Oklahoma City; Marshfield, MO; Effingham, Illinois;

We left Albuquerque early on the morning of May 19 to continue our journey east to what most Newmar owners call “The Mother-ship”, the Newmar Service Center in Napenee, Indiana.

The drive through New Mexico, the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma had one distinctive characteristic: armadillo road kill. It seems like we saw one every few miles. Other than that while the countryside is pretty but there isn’t much going on. And with COVID we didn’t feel comfortable stopping at any of the roadside attractions.

Our next stop was at Big Tex RV Park in Amarillo. I had never been there before but that previous day they announced they had a large COVID breakout in the meat packing plants there so we decided to hold up in our rig and never went outside of the park. The only other point of note was an employee of the park pounding on our door after 8:00 pm to tell us the guide who showed us to our spot took us to the wrong spot. They just took the new customer to the spot originally intended for us so we didn’t have to move. This employee just wanted to emphasize that the other employee who took us to our spot had messed up. Strange.

Two nights in Amarillo then on to Oklahoma City and the Mustang Run RV Park. OKC is a terrific city but again we didn’t really see a thing. Nice park though. This was followed by a short overnight stop at a roadside RV Park in Marshfield, MO named RV Express. This place was interesting in that is was just designed as a one night roadside stopover for people like us. Served its purpose but not much else to say.

The nightly Mississippi

Our last stop was part of Harvest Host again. Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham, IL was still closed for COVID but told me via email they were fine with us stopping there for the night on our way across the state. It is a beautiful property and there were actually 3 other RVs staying in their parking lot that night. We were sorry they were closed but will certainly go there again if we get a chance.

Notice that Illinois and Indiana are fighting over Lincoln.

3 thoughts on “Indio to Indiana Part 2: Amarillo; Oklahoma City; Marshfield, MO; Effingham, Illinois;

  1. I attended Tascosa High School in Amarillo- Class of 1968. You would have driven right by it if on I-40. Roy


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