Motorcoach Country Club Part 3 April 2 to May 16

I said in my last post we decided to buy a lot for investment in MCC, and after 10 days of reviewing every option (as there was not much else to do in COVID-19 shelter-in-place), we finally decided to buy a water facing lot, lot #334. Although the deal took a couple of weeks to close the prior owners allowed us to move onto the lot early giving us a badly needed place to stay.

Lot #334. That’s our Casita on the right, and the build out the neighbors did on the left. You can see the lots across the canal at the far end

The lot we bought had some limited improvements. A small Casita (9 x 13), pavers giving us a walkway to the private dock, and some nice outdoor furniture (firepits, tables and chairs).

The view down towards our dock and the canal

Then we bought a boat! I never thought I would write those words. But in all fairness it is very different from someone else who does that. The canal only allow electric boats that run no faster than 5 knots. As we now have a water lot and private dock this was mandatory. The boat was owned by someone else in MCC so we got a good deal. Of course the boat is old (25 years) and slow, but perfect for our simple needs. The bad news is the boat died on the 2nd day we had it, and is getting repaired now. No worries as it needed other work anyway.

Captain Scott at the wheel. Abandon ship may be in order.

Pat & Kelly came for a visit and sat in the front of the boat for proper social distance. The boat dies on this ride!

I have covered a lot of time on this post because apart from buying the lot and the boat, our activities were very limited. Leslie continued her bread baking hobby giving most away or feeding the ducks and fish off of our dock.

A Leslie Baker bake
The ducks go bread crazy

Our daughter Madison came for a visit one day, and the Kelly’s also came out. Kelly brought me my favorite Jersey Mikes sandwich so their visit was especially welcome. Leslie also went to LA a couple times to visit her friends Rosemary and Sara, but this was limited because we both observed social distancing the whole time.

Our beautiful daughter Madison drove out from LA one day and we sat on our dock around the fire-pit. A wonderful afternoon and evening but weird as we maintained social distance the whole time.

One great idea that came from COVID, but will continue after, is the weekly video chats we have with our kids and their families, plus separate calls with other good friends.

A family get together, video style. We do this every week and sometimes play phone games other. Great way to still feel connected
Another weekly call with Rich, Dominic, Craig and Joe. We have since added Darryl and Nancy to the call

After about 8 weeks at MCC, mostly in lock down, we were happy to move on. But it was a great place to stay and we look forward to coming back in October.

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