Motorcoach Country Club Part 2 March 20 to April 1

As I said in my last post we moved our coach to MCC (Motorcoach Country Club) on March 20, which was still pretty early in the COVID restrictions. Although we had reservations for sometime in advance we were worried they would close to renters like us. MCC has 400 RV lots in a gated community that includes a 9 hole par 3 golf course, 2 miles of navigable waterways (slow electric boats only), a very nice restaurant, and of course tennis courts, pools, gyms and meeting places. We believe it is the nicest RV resort in the country and is certainly the best we have seen.

While this coach is way nicer than ours, this photo gives an idea of what a typical water lot looks like.

All of the lots are privately owned and most have improvements ranging from simple outdoor kitchens to 800 square foot build outs with private pools and hot tubs. There are 3 lot types: golf course , water and privacy lots. The privacy lots are against the outer borders of the resort while the other two are up against the golf course or water way respectively. While privately owned many are available for rent and the nightly prices vary depending upon the location type and the level of improvements on the lot. The rentals are managed by the association who keep about 25% of the rental fee while the lot owner gets the rest. So this property can be (and is for many including us in the future) a rental investment property like any condo or house you could buy and rent out. As this is the best RV resort in the country, and the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area is in very high demand for snowbirds, this can be a solid investment.

An example of the inside of a nice build out (not ours)

We have been discussing buying a lot here for over 2 years, and this visit was always intended to review the idea. But the COVID crisis cancelled our other plans and after MCC agreed to allow us to stay as renters for an extended period of time to wait out some part of the “shelter in place” requirements, we decided now was the time to actually buy a lot.

Our rental when we first got there was at privacy lot #345. It is a very nice lot (and also for sale). It had a small casita, a nice large sheltered outdoor kitchen, a very large hot tub and some waterfall and fire features. Since we couldn’t go anyplace we used our time to walk around the entire resort multiple times a day looking at every lot for sale and trying to understand what suited our investment needs and personal desires the best. It is a 1 1/2 to 2 mile walk each time so it helped keep us moving as well.

In the back part of our rental lot with the water fall feature behind us.

Our rental at lot #345 ended with the beginning of April so we had to make a decision by then and move lots as the COVID restrictions meant leaving was not a viable option at this time. More on this in my next post.

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