Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, CA. Eight weeks of “Shelter in Place” for COVID safety

It was now official: COVID-19 changes EVERYTHING! To this point in our travels the pandemic had only lightly affected us. A trade show in Las Vegas was postponed but we still went to the same RV Park and just sheltered. We also had not been able to see a bunch of friends we had planned to see or do any other local activities. But at this point everything really starts over.

Me and my sweet girl on the road

We had always planned to go to Motorcoach Country Club in Indio (near Palm Springs) for a few days as we have thought about buying a lot there for rental investment or staying at during the winter in the future. After that we were supposed to fly to Miami and get on a cruise ship for a 2 week cruise through the Panama Canal ending back in Los Angeles. Once back to LA we were going to stay at Dockweiller State RV Park on the beach and go to our daughter Madison’s graduation from USC with 2 more Masters degrees (MBA and Masters in Real Estate Development MRED). The cruise was obviously cancelled, Dockweiller was closed for COVID and while Madison still graduated (with honors I must add) there was no ceremony or celebration.

A view of the beautiful Motorcoach Country Club

So instead we decided to just stay at MCC for the next 8 weeks while figuring out what to do next. As I like to keep these short I will cover our actual stay in two more short posts upcoming.

4 thoughts on “Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, CA. Eight weeks of “Shelter in Place” for COVID safety

  1. This thing has pretty much sucked for everyone. Had to postpone a Alana’s wedding. Was scheduled for April 4th now October 9th. Let’s get together next time you’re in town


    1. What a bummer about the wedding. We had another friend who postponed their daughters wedding until next year. I won’t be back to Phoenix for sometime, but if you are travelling and have some time, check my calendar (on this blog site) as it is usually up to date and maybe we’ll be in the same area. Hope all goes well.


  2. You both look happy, rested, and GREAT! I miss you and always enjoy your posts. Stay safe and healthy and perhaps we can get together around Indio – Ed’s son lives in that area and we may visit.

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  3. I miss you as well! I have actually been thinking of you and Ed lately. My blog is a little behind. We have left Indio and won’t be back to SoCal until October probably. What we actually have planned for sure is on the calendar of this blog. Big hugs at you!


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