Lake Mead – March 6 to March 20

Our next stop was at Lake Mead RV Park.  A very nice spot that is part of the National Park system so I was able to use my lifetime membership to enter and exit without hassle.  COVID-19 closures and changes had not really started yet so we went through a normal sign in and were escorted to our spot.  Much of the park is filled with mobile vacation homes and many spots have long term RV rentals.  But the entire line of spots closest to the lake (and with unobstructed views) was for RV rentals like us, so our spot offered great views.

That is Lake Mead view from our coach.  The land in between is for rising and falling water levels.  The lake looks low, but this is not as low as we have seen it.  

Our original plan was to keep the coach here while we went into Las Vegas for the industry show I was supposed to attend, plus some other friends were going to meet us there and see the town for a few days.  Obviously by this time all of that was cancelled.  But we still planned to drive the coach into town for a couple of days to get some warranty work done by NIRVC (National Indoor RV Center) as they are a great Newmar dealer and service center.   But when it was time to go into town I was too nervous about COVID to be willing to leave what is in effect my home with someone while I stayed at a hotel.  In retrospect we probably could have done it safely but much was (is?) still poorly understood.

A couple of days after we arrived is when I stared to feel COVID restrictions were going to come soon.  By this point no states had forced restrictions, but it sure was in discussion.  So I went and shopped early to get food for the 2-3 weeks we were going to be there and at this time there was no rush of shoppers or shortages of anything.  Sure enough two days later was a panic and people flooded the grocery stores to buy anything they could.  One thing I didn’t anticipate was the run on toilet paper!  Still seems crazy to me, but sure enough it became impossible to find.

Basically we stayed “sheltered in place” at Lake Mead for two weeks.  We actually tried to stay longer, but they were shutting down and wouldn’t let us extend our stay.  So we made arrangements to move on the Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, CA.  Much more on that in upcoming posts.


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