Desert Diamond Distillery- Kingman, AZ

We have been to a few Harvest Host places so far and enjoy them a lot.  The negative has been that they can be far off the main road, and sometimes the roads have been narrow which can be difficult for our 44′ rig towing another 20′ of tow bar and car.

Desert Diamond Distillery 

Harvest Host is great because you stay for free (with no hook-ups), with the expectation that you tour or use their facility.  Most of our visits have been to wineries, and we have picked up some wines Leslie really loves.  Other places can be farms, museums, golf courses, breweries, and in this case a custom small rum distillery (they use the term “boutique distillery”).  The place was only a few miles from the freeway in Kingman, AZ near their little municipal airport.

The parking area at DDD.  Our rig is the largest one in the back.  Plenty of room for all

Inside they had a nice tasting room,  much like a nice winery would offer.  You could also pay for a small tour and tasting combo which we did.  The rum was fine, but Leslie doesn’t drink much rum so we didn’t get that.  They did have a vodka that was made from their distilled rum and we bought three bottles.  We drank a little but gave two away as gifts.  We also bought some boutique foods these types of places always have.  In this case I bought pickled asparagus and pickled green beans.  They were both spiced up with hot chilies and were very good for a quick yet healthy afternoon snack.

The tasting room

The tour was given by owner.  She and her husband bought the places 15 years ago and have slowly built it up.  She did a fine job, except she spent too much time telling us what was wrong with large batch rum, and how bad the other boutique places were.  In any case they had a good story and we enjoyed it.

The main distillery room
Guess what’s in here

We stayed the night in the parking lot and the next morning before we left we went over to their local regional airport which was right nearby and had breakfast in this cute little diner.  Clearly locals are their key clientele, as everyone knew each other except of course us.  Like our other Harvest Host visits, a very unique and enjoyable stay.


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