Moving towards Las Vegas: North Ranch Escapees RV Park, Congress AZ

We were supposed to be in Las Vegas for the a very large trade show in my industry named ISC-West.  It takes place in Las Vegas every year in March or early April.  While it was cancelled due to COVID we had RV Park reservations based around it and decided to just go ahead with those plans.  We could easily do the drive from Phoenix to Lake Mead (near Las Vegas) in one day but decided to do some different type of stuff and really take our time getting there.

Our first stop is just 120 miles northwest of Phoenix in a small town named Congress, AZ.  It is just north of Wickenburg on the way to Vegas.   A few months ago we joined a large industry group named “Escapees”.  They have many events throughout the country and across the year.  We had actually planned on being at their largest one in Wyoming during mid-June but it too was cancelled due to COVID concerns.   Well they also own some member only RV parks and as this one was on the way we decided to give it a shot.  The good news is it is very cheap ($15 a night), and reasonably convenient.  The bad news is you get what you pay for.  The park is mostly filled with long term or seasonal rentals who have old and low end trailers and fifth wheels.  The sites are small (we actually couldn’t put one side of our slides out because it would have hit the electrical box and we couldn’t put our awnings out on the other side because they would have hit a tree) and not very level, the total place is very  dusty, and they only have 30 Amp electrical hook-ups when our coach needs 50 Amps to run everything.  But they did have this nice little cactus garden and the people were all very friendly.

In truth we don’t mind staying at a lower end place if it is large enough and the hook-ups work well.  And the 30 Amp limit really only matter is we need to run all of our Air Conditioners (we have three) or high amp appliances . We are not at all snobbish about the units around us as most people in RVs ave been so friendly no matter what kind they have.  We stayed there for 2 nights and moved on.  We won’t go back there because of the small site size and 30 Amp electrical, everything else was fine.


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