Dazzo’s in Wikieup, AZ. March 3 2020

Our next stop was only an hour or two past our last stop and further on the way to Las Vegas.  I picked a small RV park in Wikieup, AZ (yes that is a real town).  I picked this place named Dazzos to stay at for several reasons.  It was right on the main road, it was cheap ($30 a night if we paid full price), they are a member of a new fee discount group we joined named Passport America (so the price of $30 was cut in half to only $15), and they were owned by a small restaurant on site that features Chicago comfort food favorite like Chicago style hot dogs, Chicago Beef, deep dish pizza and other items.

Our rig was a little nicer than the others here.  Many were here for months on end and some even lived here full time.

The food was actually really good, and there was a store attached that sold some specialty foods but mostly knick-knacks based around the area, Chicago and the old west.  The negative was it was owned and ran by a right wing person who ran Fox news all day and had posters up featuring his “shoot first” attitude about gun ownership.  I couldn’t care less about your politics unless you thrust them at me.  But the food was good enough, and the people around us were nice enough that we still enjoyed the place.  It too only supported 30 Amp electrical though.


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