Monte Vista Village RV Park in Mesa, AZ

We left Tucson earlier than we had planned to head back to the Phoenix area. We moved on February 21st and stayed until the 1st of March.  I had a doctors and dentist appointment in the area, plus both Leslie and I needed to go into our respective offices for short visits.

We normally stay at The Motorcoach Resort in Chandler but it was booked full.  The Monte Vista Village was way far out from the places we had to go, but it seemed like a reasonable place since we couldn’t seem to find something nice that was closer.

This is a huge place with a very large amount of small bungalow type home sites, plus many other RV spaces in the front area.  But we got escorted back to anew area dedicated to RVs, especially larger ones like ours.   We ended up parking right next to another Newmar Dutch Star Motor-home that is the same floor plan (4369) as ours with virtually all of the same features.  Theirs was a 2018 and ours is  a 2019, but still very similar.

That automatically drew us to them and them to us, and we ended up have a great week with Russ (aka TJ) and his wife Tamara.  Both are retired Navy who live in Newport Beach, Virginia.  Russ was the Captain of an Aircraft Carrier and Tamara was a nurse/anesthetist!  Two very special people who shared many great storied and tips about RV life.   It turned out our going to this place because we had no options was a great “mistake”.  A wonderful RV Park and nice area around it in Mesa, and some terrific new friends.

Tamara outside talking with Leslie


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