Back in Tucson for Leslie; Colorado for Scott

After Patrick, Mysha and Ronan left (and the sales meeting also had ended) we went back down to our coach in Tucson at the Casino Del Sol RV Park.  But I only had the weekend there as on February 17th I had to fly to Colorado for the “ASSA ABLOY Base Camp”.  This is an annual meeting of the top 70-80 executives for the company from around the entire world.  It was in Stockholm last year but I was lucky to have it so close to home this year.  While I flew into Denver Airport the actual event was at Keystone Lodge at the Keystone Ski Resort about 2 hours up in the Rockies from Denver.  I was lucky to have a private driver and car shared only with my good friend Paul Dauphin for the drive up,  It was great to spend this time with such a great guy again.

The view from my room at Keystone,  We have stayed away from the cold in the coach, but this was business.  I’ll admit the resort was great and the area beautiful.
keystone weather
A little colder than I’m used to

Leslie din’t want to stay by herself on the coach so her good friend Rosemary Thompson flew in from LA to stay with her.  Rosemary also had a friend of heirs from her college days there and the three of them toured the area.

Rose, her friend and Leslie touring Tucson


Leslie certainly enjoyed here time with friends and I actually got a great deal out of my trip.  Good networking, met up with some old fiends, and learned some new things.  The only real down component was the first effect I had of the coming COVID-19 disaster.  Our colleagues from China were restricted due to the pandemic.  Although a couple participated by video conference it was not the same as being there.  But because of our global footprint we were a little more up to date on the possible economic effects and started early preparation.  Although admittedly we couldn’t see how much the world changed in the next month.

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