Tucson – Casino del Sol RV Park

On the 1st of February we moved from Phoenix to Tucson. Mostly this was just to be on the move and spend some time in an area I really like but haven’t spent much time around. We picked this spot because it looked very good when researching on the internet, received solid reviews, and is next to a casino which gave us walking access to some decent restaurants, plus I like to play poker and Leslie occasionally plays Pai Gow.

Our spot as Casino del Sol RV park. The lights around it are intended to keep critters from coming in!

Our intent was to spend the entire month of February there, and that allowed for a very low daily rate. But a series of activities changed that. First of all our son Patrick, his wife Mysha and their son (our grandson) Ronan came to Phoenix for a wedding. So we decide to use a time share we had and went back to Phoenix for the time they were there. I will cover that in a separate post.

The same week Patrick, Mysha and Ronan were there was the annual DSS (ASSA ABLOY Sales Org for the commercial US/Canada) sales meeting was held in Phoenix and I was invited in my consulting role for the group. Then the following week ASSA ABLOY had a global executive team meeting at Keystone in Colorado that I was honored to be invited to as well. I will also post on these later.

Finally we came back to Phoenix the last week of February because I had a doctors appointment up there (I became ill on my Keystone trip) and Leslie did some prep work with Darren for our taxes.

Our only side trips in the time we were there were to a Titan Missile Silo (which will also receive a separate post as it was a great trip for us), and Darren came down and took us to a great play “The Book of Mormon”. While we had heard wonderful things about the play, it exceeded our expectations. Before the play we went to German restaurant near where Darren lived in the short time he live in Tucson that was also great.

We really enjoyed our relatively short time there, Leslie did well at Pai Gow and I did well in a couple of Poker Tournaments. I wish I had more photos form our time there, but most where of the missile silo!

One thought on “Tucson – Casino del Sol RV Park

  1. Sorry to hear you were ill and hope you’ve recovered quickly. I can’t wait to read about the Titan Missile silos and see the pix.


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