January in Phoenix

After a wonderful holiday season in the LA area we headed back to Phoenix on January 4th for the entire month. Phoenix our home for 8 years, and while we have leased our house and live full time in Elsie (our motor home) we still have many friends in the Phoenix area, plus of course our beloved eldest son James and his sweet wife Alma live there. To add to that we also have a doctor, dentist and hair dresser we both really like there. I admit the hair dresser is just for Leslie but Gina is also a friend of mine.

A fresh loaf of Leslie’s home made sourdough (that is the starter in the jar)

We arrived on January 4th and stayed at The Motorcoach Resort in Chandler. We have stayed here several times before and it is a nice place that is also convenient to the services we want to use near our old home.

I used the opportunity of being in Phoenix to go into the office and catch up with Stacy. The real work related activity was the retirement party for the great Deon Arnold. I had a chance to see a lot of my old work mates, and really enjoyed the evening.

Deon’s retirement party. That is 4 of the 5 who really built the group. That is me on the far left, Deon Arnold, Michael Webb and Paul Hodges. Missing was Chuck Christiansen, who now lives in Denver.

I had given Leslie a sourdough starter last Christmas, and while it took almost a year she really got into making bread in the coach when we were in Anaheim at the end of the year. Not long after we arrived at the RV Resort another Newmar Dutch Star moved in next to ours. Leslie took over a welcome loaf of fresh bread and they turned out to be a great couple and new friends named Jordy and Kim. They live in Salt Lake City and we have already arranged to meet them in late June at an RV Park about an hour east of Salt Lake City.

I was very proud of the homemade pizza with Leslie’s home made sourdough as the base

So we both spent much of the month on work related stuff, plus of course the doctor, dentist (plus hair and nails for Leslie). I also had the chance to play a few rounds of golf with my old buddies at Foothills Golf course and one fun round at The Duke course in Maricopa.

Darren and Leslie before the show
Not Elton
Not Sonny & Cher

We hosted several dinners at the coach for our old friends, some of them pictured here. In addition to those photos we also hosted JB and Cindy (and went to their house for a great meal one night), Mike, Jose and Sandra, and finally a fun night with Noam and Nick. Leslie went with our friend Darren to a drag show that she said was really good. And of course a highlight was time with our son James and his wife Alma.

Dinner at the coach with Gina, Butch and Hi-Lin.
Another fun dinner at the coach with Paul and Holly

Near the end of the month Sara came to visit with her dog Libby. She actually stayed in the coach with us for a few days, and it was fun for all. I even enjoyed having a dog in the coach again, but am still not ready for full time dogs again.

Sara and Libby came over from LA for a few days.

All in all we had a wonderful month in Phoenix, in some ways better as a visit than it was as our home. We stayed until the end of January and that 4 weeks was the longest we had been in any one place since we moved into Elsie. We actually came back in February but that will be covered in later posts.

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