Dockweiler – 3 weeks at the beach

After spending Thanksgiving boon-docking in front of the Kelly house, on December 2nd we moved 30 miles to Dockweiler State Beach RV Park. This is right on the beach in the City of El Segundo, right next to LAX Airport. The planes take off from LAX just a few miles north of our beach RV parking and when they are overhead it can get pretty loud. If you’re outside you just stop talking until the noise clears. But our coach has such good sound insulation that it really doesn’t effect us inside the coach. And the planes stop completely (or are so few) at night that there is no problem in that regard.

Ruthie, Leslie and Julia getting ready to party.

It was very cold the entire time we were there, but the location is still great not just because it is close to the beach, but it is also relatively convenient access to our friends and family spread throughout the LA metro area. Leslie was able to spend a lot of time with Sara and Rose locally, plus Ruthie and Julia visited from Reno. They came down for a very nice Birthday celebration at Sara’s art studio for Leslie’s birthday.

Our little gas fire pit we set up nest to the coach. It was pretty cold outside most of the time though

Joe and Craig stopped by in LA for a few days as well in advance of their annual Christmas Cruise out of the LA port. We had a great visit a local restaurant, The Proud Bird, that doubles as a small airplane museum. And of course our time with our daughter Madison was the top story anytime it could be worked out!

Joe and Craig also came to visit all the way from Maryland

I had some business to attend to in December as well, including a trip to The Big Apple. I will cover that with a short post soon.

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