Barcelona – short visit on the way to the Ocean Cruise

We left Prague in the morning of November 3rd for a flight to Barcelona. We flew on Czech Airline for almost certainly the only time in my life. It’s hard to believe but it seemed like the plane space was even tighter than US domestic airlines! Of course the most important thing was getting there safely and that we did. We flew on the same plane as Dominic, Rich, Joe and Craig. Jean Jacques and Mary flew separately as they were staying in an Airbnb with Darrel and Nancy who had gone to Barcelona earlier as they had already been to Prague.

Drinks outdoors at Las Rambles area in Barcelona with Dominic, Rich, Craig, me and Leslie. Joe was tired and stayed back at the hotel

We arrived early afternoon and and the 5 of us noted above walked about 1 1/2 miles up to the Las Rambles area just to check it out and have a couple of drinks. We had all been to Barcelona before but this was the shortest visit.

Various people in costumes wandered around getting their pictures taken with tourists. Of course they expected tips.

We walked back to the hotel, briefly going the wrong way, to join Joe for dinner inside the hotel at what amounted to their bar. The actual restaurant didn’t open until 7:30 (this is Spain after all) but we were able to be served in the bar area around 7:00pm. Then to bed we went.

The next morning we arranged for a shuttle to the ship for the six of us. The hotel was very close so it was all very easy.

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