When Leslie was planning our trip through Europe the only visit I asked for was Prague. I had never been there and heard from many friends that it was mostly untouched from the World Wars, so it was a great example of old Europe. All true. The city was crowded but manageable, modern yet old, rich and poor, and classical in it’s beauty. Not all of our group enjoyed the city, but most of us loved it.

Old Prague at the start of our walking tour

Joe Ridky is a 2nd generation American and the Czech Republic is his ancestral home. Through some other friends he met Joe arranged for a local person to be our private tour guide. Our group of 17 split up and did the tour on different days. The eight of us who were going on to the Ocean Cruise went the first day. Apart from me and Leslie that included Dominic & Rich, Joe & Craig, plus Jean Jacques and Mary. The nine who were going home stayed in Prague and extra day. This was Jim & Ruthie, Steve & Julia, Chuck & Candy, Pat & Kelly and Sara.

Our terrific tour guide Joe found, in case you want to contact her

We started in part of the old town seeing the buildings and local living conditions. Highlighted by the Astronomical Clock. The technology and details are fascinating, but the actual clock area is too crowded and too short as an event.

The famous astronomical clock. Not only keeps time, but day, month and year, all mechanical and includes a little automated figure march every hour. When the inventor finished the King had him blinded so he couldn’t reproduce it for anyone else.
An old cemetery in the middle of the city. Due to space issues graves are placed on top of other graves

More walking then across the St. Charles river for a cool lunch right on the other side.

A view up to the Prague Castle
The river Vltava runs through the middle of the city
The famous St. Charles Bridge has evolved into a pure walking tourist area.
Our stop for much in a classic very old Czech restaurant

From lunch we walked up to the Prague Castle. Most of what we toured was the cathedral that is part of the castle complex.

Palace Guard
I’ve seen lots of churches and cathedrals in my travels, but this may be the most spectacular
The stunning main cathedral at the castle
Part of the incredible stained glass there
What I would a large organ too
A vista of the city from the Prague Castle

We finished our tour exhausted and made our way back to the hotel for a late dinner and prepare for our flight to Barcelona the next day. Well worth the detour.

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