Pilsen – On the road to Prague

The River Cruise ended in Nuremberg on November 1st. Leslie set it up for us to go to Prague. As there were 17 people of our group going Leslie rented a private bus for the trip. It was a long drive so she set up a stop half way in the town of Pilsen. Famous as the home of Pilsner type beers that were invented here (as opposed to the traditional lager). The old brewery was a worthwhile stop.

The Pilsen Brewery complex is like a little town

We walked the area in the complex briefly, then went underground to a huge restaurant with about 500 seats

At the restaurant in the Brewery

After lunch we moved on to the actual tour. Great details and fascinating information on it’s long ans storied beer brewing history.

Making Pilsen Beer
Underground tunnels for storage. Cool and wet.
Beer Barrels for aging
Some of our crew at the Brewery

A great stop then back on the bus for Prague. We finally arrive that evening.

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