Leslie wins a cruise

While we were travelling in our motorcoach the travel agency Leslie works with started a contest in which whoever sells the most cruises on Carnival Cruise lines during the month of July wins a free Carnival cruise for two! Thanks in part to our friend Butch recommending Leslie to some people, Leslie ran away with the win! We didn’t think we could use it because we were getting ready for our long awaited trip to Europe. But after James got married we still had 10 days before our Europe trip started and had to go back to LA anyway to get some stuff we needed, so we gave our motorcoach to the dealer in Palm Desert we bought it from for some minor warranty items (Holland RV), went to the Kellys for a couple of days. While there we saw Sara Butler-Gold and some of her family (including the marvelous Jessie) plus our daughter Madison and her boyfriend Joey.

We got on the cruise out of the Port of Long Beach on Sunday September 29th. It was a short 4 night cruise going to Ensanada in Mexico and Santa Catalina Island off the coast of LA. We really had fun on the old Carnival Imagination, saw some good shows, some not so good comics, and in general had a blast walking around the ship. We got off the ship the following Thursday, picked up our coach in Palm Desert, and headed right back to Phoenix to get ready for our long trip.

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