Back in Phoenix getting ready to go!

After picking up the rig in Palm Desert we went back to Phoenix and stayed again at The Motorcoach Resort in Chandler. We had a wonderful dinner at the coach with Richie, Darryl, Noam, Nick, Mike and Jose. I made my vegetarian version of baked tacos and we just sat around talking and laughing. It is amazing how well the coach supports 8 people for dinner, drinks and conversation.

On Monday the 7th of October I went into the office and got a new iPhone 11. It is a nice step up from my old iPhone 7, but it has enough changes that it takes some getting used to. The hardest part is the double authentication from Apple and Google for all of the apps. Leslie helped a lot to make it all easier.

Leslie did a great job packing for the trip and on Tuesday morning we closed up the rig to put it into storage for the 45 days we would be gone. The huge garage we were parking it in apparently wasn’t huge enough, as I hit the side of the rig against the entrance frame as I was trying to pull in. Got some help to get it all done, but I am very upset at myself for making this mistake, and there is some minor damage to the awning tube above the full wall slide we will have to get repaired once we return.

Finally all done, we parked the Jeep at Mike & Jose’s and off to the airport! Paris, here we come!

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