James Baker gets married!

One of the best weekends of my life was 3 years ago around all of the activities of my youngest son Patrick getting married to Mysha in Reno. Well now I have a competitor for that title of fun times as the events and general feeling around the wedding of my oldest son James brought just as much joy.

James and Alma have been a dedicated couple for almost 4 years now and had planned to get married in a large event in October of 2020. But for timing and economic reasons they decided to move forward faster with a small private wedding at a local courthouse. It turned out their “family and close friends” still numbered over 40 people so we moved the actual ceremony plus reception dinner to a local restaurant named “Seasons 52”.

Part of the joy for us was the family we had come in from the LA area: my sister Tess and her husband Tom; my brother Dave; our dear friend Rosemary; Leslie’s sister Kelly plus her husband Pat and their boys Jayden and Devin. We moved out of the coach for a couple of nights to stay at an Embassy Suites next door to “Seasons 52” with all of our family. Everyone arrived the actual day of the wedding, but early enough for us to all gather and hang out at the bar for a while.

Because the wedding was moved to the restaurant they needed an officiant and James helped me get ordained so I could actually perform the ceremony. I was very touched and honored, and even though I speak publicly all the time I was nervous before getting if front of everyone and performing the ceremony. But I thought it all went very well. Alma was radiant and James was as happy as I have eve seen him. The entire party was a blast with Leslie helping by getting shots of Tequila for those remaining near the end!

The Kellys and Rosemary had to leave mid-morning the next day to travel back home. Tess, Tom and Dave stayed another day and we had a wonderful day going to Old Town Scottsdale then later to a really great Italian restaurant we love named “Tutti Santi”. Highly recommend of you’re ever in the area.

Congratulations again to James Baker and his new bride Alma Baker!

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