Labor Day at Flying Flags

Disappointment leaving Pismo was more that overcome by excitement going to the town of Buellton and Flying Flags Resort for Labor Day weekend as we had family and friends coming up from LA to met us. Buellton is about 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara and very close to the Danish themed town of Solvang. Flying Flags is unique in that in addition to the huge number of RV spots it has camping in fixed in place Airstream trailers, glamping tents, small cottages, large town homes, and even a small hotel next door (The Sideways Inn for those wine country movie buffs). It also has a restaurant on site, many games and even concerts on the weekend in a large park in the middle of the resort.

We had a great first day with some new friends, Eileen and Larry Winters, who we met when we were in Paso Robles a few months before, plus another couple they introduced us to. Then on Friday Leslie’s sister Kelly, her husband Pat, and their boys Jayden and Devin plus Jaydens girlfriend Josephine came up. Our daughter Madison, her boyfriend Joey and one of her best friends Nick came as well. The Kellys all stayed in two of the cottages, while Madison and Joey stayed in a tent and slept on cots! Nick only stayed for one night, but slept on the fold out bed in our coach.

We just had a great time and all we really did was hang out at the RV resort. I left to do some grocery shopping but otherwise we all stayed on site. Pat Kelly brought up a huge Pork Butt he bought in LA. He then slow cooked it all day on Saturday, brought it over to the coach and we had a fantastic meal of Pork Belly tacos. I made my specialty cheeseburgers the next night (see recipe on that tab), and it was also great if you don’t include the part where I sliced off the tip of my left index finger trying to cut a corn cob in half. It is fine now, and I had Madison and others pitch in to help so I wouldn’t bleed all over the food.

All in all Flying Flags is a little over priced, but perhaps the best social and party park we have been to.

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