On to Pismo Beach

We left Reno on August 20th on our way back south and west. We had an uneventful drive back over the Sierra Nevadas and spent a single night in East Sacramento RV Park. A cute little place that served our purpose but we wouldn’t go back to stay for any time. We left the next morning for a new park named Yanks in Greenfield, CA. Not only new but very nice park and spaces. The problem was the wind was very high (30-40 mph) and constant! It made the outdoors of the area almost unusable. We did have a very enjoyable side trip to Monterrey and the area which has always been fun.

After 4 days there we headed down to the Pismo Beach RV Resort. We have always loved the area and this just reinforced those feelings. The RV Park was great and it is right on the ocean. Walking distance to all sorts of good stuff. We spent hours just watching the gulls and pelicans dive for fish. We made a side trip to Cambria for lunch. This is one of our favorite places so far and it has a membership program sort of like a time share. While I have never liked (or trusted) time shares, this is different and we may do it for the 45 days a year you can stay there. It is not a fancy park at all, and has lots of modest trailers and stuff staying there. But the area, temperate weather and overall feel make it great in our minds.

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