Back to Reno- August 14-20

Leslie really wanted to swing back thorough Reno on our way south again to see Ronan. So we left Oregon with very fond feelings and decided to spend 3 nights in Redding, CA as a stop over on the way to Reno. The RV Park was Premier Resorts of Redding, sister to a park in Eugene we really liked. Problem #1 was it was 100 degrees there! The park layout was sub-standard. Then after being there about 30 minutes our AC stopped. We soon realized it was the main circuit breaker from the park and switched it back on. We called the office as we were concerned it would happen again and the person they sent out kept trying to say the problem was with our coach. We got fed up and decided to just stay one night and extend our stay in Reno. To avoid the heat we went that night to a local casino and Leslie won at Bingo!

The drive over to Reno across the Sierra Nevada mountains had winding roads and slow going in our big coach. But we made it fine and checked back into Bordertown RV Park as it is very close to our grandson.

While this was only a five day visit it was great. We of course saw Patrick, Mysha and Ronan. I played golf twice with my old golfing buddy Alan Krogness and another old friend Bill McKnight was able to join us for the second round. We also had dinner with Pete and Jody Dekay plus their two boys at Si Amigos, our old favorite Mexican restaurant. But this time and the prior two times it did not seem as good as it was and we may look for another go to Mexican place. We also had another really fun evening at dinner with Jean and Roy Lassiter at (of course) PF Changs.

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