MarshAnne Landing Vineyard & southern Oregon friends

We just loved Newport, Oregon but had to move on. We had a date with Gigi & Harry (Leslie’s bestie from middle school) and were anxious to see them. On our way down we made another Harvest Host stop at MarshAnne Landing Vineyard and spent the night parked next to their main building. The husband and wife owners were the only people we saw there, but they were very talkative and welcoming. Told us all of their stories and background to get to be a small private owned vineyard. Leslie bought a couple of bottles and we enjoyed a nice, relaxing and private evening.

Our next stop was Southern Oregon RV Park, in the Medford/Ashland/Grants Pass area. This park is county owned and right next to the local fairgrounds (which were not in use when we were there). It was low priced at only $40/night but had large spaces, a fire pit, picnic tables and great hiking around their fish-able lakes.

It was here that we hosted dinner with Gigi and Harry. I made a spicy marinara and spaghetti. I will post the recipe later. Gigi and Leslie hadn’t seen each other in about 25 years, but connected like they had never been apart. There is nothing like old friends and the ties of growing up together. We have always liked Harry as well of course and just had a fantastic evening that we will be sure to repeat as southern Oregon is one of our favorite places.

Gigi brought over a bottle of wine from a local vineyard named RoxyAnn Vineyards that Leslie loved so we made a visit there the next day. Leslie tried several and liked them all, but really loved their Viognier and bought a case that she has since shared with many people.

As this are is also the home for “Harry & David” (the mail order food company) we had to visit their main store and pick up some nice food mixers. As I said this entire area is fantastic and we will be back.

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