The Oregon Coast

We left Gig Harbor on August 4th and made our longest drive yet at just under 300 miles. Our goal was the Oregon Coast, specifically Newport, Oregon and an RV Park named “Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort”. Pacific Shores is relatively unique in that it only allows motor coaches, no trailers or 5th wheels. Each of the lots is individually owned and the tenants just pay a monthly fee like an HOA (in this case about $300/month). They can then rent it out to people like us if they want. The lots here are much nicer than anyplace else we have stayed and the location is right on the ocean! The temperatures even in August never got about 72 and it was actually sweatshirt weather the entire time we were there.

We thought about actually buying a lot (they range from about $50K to $450K depending upon improvements and views), but decided it would only be worth it if we would spend about 4-6 months a year there. And while we truly loved it, it is too far from our friends and family to use that often. i can see us spending a couple of weeks a year here though as we truly loved the area.

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