Vashon Island and more old friends

Gig Harbor is about 40 minutes from Seattle in one direction and 30 minutes from the ferry to Vashon Island in the other. We decided to be up in the Seattle area at this time in large part because our Reno friends Jim & Ruthie were going to visit their daughter Lauren. Ken was going too and others were meeting them there. Lauren and a couple of partners opened a very cool restaurant named “The Ruby Brink” on Vashon Island earlier this year. This is a combo restaurant, bar and butcher shop with each of the three partners responsible for one aspect. We have known Lauren since she was young and she actually used to babysit our kids years ago.

We went over tho the Island 3 times. The first was a Wednesday which is the day the restaurant is closed. But Jim & Ruthie rented a nice house right on the water and we all gathered there for a terrific meal. The next day we went back and had a great meal at the restaurant with everyone.

The final time was with Laurie Morgan, a friend I have known since high school, but hadn’t seen in over 30 years! Thanks to Facebook we had stayed in touch so we knew she was living near Seattle. Laurie met us at the ferry over to Vashon and we went over to have lunch, walk around a local farmers market and do a little wine tasting. We also took advantage of the butcher shop at The Ruby Brink as Lauren set us up with some great take away meats (that I’m afraid are all gone now).

It was really special to see Laurie again after all these years.

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