A day in Seattle, local friends, leaving Gig Harbor

While most of our time in Gig Harbor was spent going back and forth to Vashon Island, we did take a day to drive into Seattle. Did the obligatory fish market and shops on the waterfront, and really had a great time just wandering around.

At the end of the day we drove to an area called West Seattle to meet up with a friend of Leslie’s named Liz and her new boyfriend. They have rented a small house with great views of the sound. We had dinner at their house and a great time with Liz eating and drinking the night away.

We finally left Gig Harbor and for the first time had a little trouble getting out. The area our rig was parked on was dirt and it had softened with some recent rains. As our rig is about 50,000 pounds fully loaded it can dig into the dirt and it sure did. I thought maybe we were going to have to get a tow, but I was eventually able to go backwards enough to get a running start through the problems. On to Pacific Shores in Newport, Oregon!

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