On to Gig Harbor and a dog who wanted out from the car

Leaving Portland we planned on a halfway stop at a Thousand Trails RV Park mid-state. But when we got there it was too hilly and spots way too small for our rig. We have found that Thousand Trails in general is not right for us with limited full hook up spaces, no advance space specific reservations, and tight spaces. So we bailed on that and found a small RV Park next to next to Riverside Golf Course. Basic spots but served out needs.

We made the short hop to Gig Harbor RV Park, our home for the next 5 nights. Our spot was tree covered which meant no Satellite service, but we had so many things planned that wasn’t a problem. After setting up we went into the town of Gig Harbor for dinner at a place Rosemary Thompson recommended right on the harbor. On our very short drive over we were behind a car with 2 dogs in the backseat and the windows rolled down. One dog saw a pedestrian walking their dog nearby and decided to join them by jumping out of the window while the car was still moving. Even though the car was going slow the dog was still spun around by the jump and landed very hard on the street. Of course we stopped (as did all other traffic) but the dog was panicked and running around. Luckily the owners finally noticed and popped back to get their pet. And it didn’t seem as if the dog was hurt.

At the RV Park we met a couple who had a Newmar Dutch Star that was the same year and floor plan as ours. I learned some nice tips and got connected to a company that allows unlimited Data steaming with no throttling. As this has been a sore spot for us we really appreciated this.

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