Eugene, Portland, a sad side trip and on to Gig Harbor

We left LongSword and had to deal with a narrow winding road for about 15 miles before hitting the I-5 north and on to “Premier RV Resorts of Eugene”. Nice place, great site but right near the freeway and we only stayed one night. The on to Portland at Fairview RV Park. The place was very basic but served our needs.

The second day was our sad side trip as we drove all the way back down to Eugene (2 hours or so) for the funeral of Stacy Deveraux’s. Stacy is a co-worker who has been close with me and Leslie for many years now, and she is actually my replacement at ASSA ABLOY. Happy to see Stacy, sad it was for this.

Back up in Portland we had our friends Kim and Linda visit for dinner in the coach. It was really great to see them and we loved the area and will visit them again. After only 3 nights we hit the road again for the Seattle area, specifically Gig Harbor!

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