Long Sword Vineyard & finding old friends

Still on our way up to the Seattle area we wanted to try for the first time a program called “Harvest Host”. Once in the program we can use their website to find members that allow us to park our rig overnight for free, but without hookups. Most of these are vineyards, but there are farms, museums, golf courses and others. You are expected to patronize the hosting business but it isn’t mandatory.

The first one we tried was “Long Sword Vineyard” in southern Oregon just west of Grants Pass. It was a small vineyard and the width of the gate I had to drive through was just barley larger than the rig. But it was nice countryside and we were the only ones there. Leslie ended up liking their wine and bought a case.

While in the tasting room Leslie had a phone call about her cruise travel job. While she was on the phone I started talking with the young woman working the tasting room counter. She said she was from Grants Pass and I mentioned that Leslie’s best friend from middle school, Gigi, had moved there 23 years ago with her husband Harry, and we had eventually lost track of them. It turns out she knew the daughters of Gigi and presto 20 minutes later Leslie and Gigi were on the phone talking as if they had seen each other yesterday! We were able to change our agenda and made plans to see them later in our trip. I will blog on that later when it happens. What a wonderful bit of random serendipity!

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