Leaving Reno – Burney Falls

Both sadness and excitement filled us as we left Reno heading to the Pacific Northwest. Sadness to leave behind our family and friends for a while, and excitement for the adventures ahead.

Almost at the beginning of our drive just 30 miles north of Reno our check engine light popped on. I immediately pulled over and called Freightliner. After going through some diagnostics over the phone with we determined we could go ahead and sure enough te light went off not long after we started again. We will have this checked the next time we are in the shop anyway.

Our first over night stop was at the Hat Creek RV Park. The first spot they gave us was too small for our rig but we found another spot that worked. More on the RV Park in our RV Park reviews.

When we told our friend Jim Garavente the route we were taking up towards Seattle he said we had to hike to Burney Falls. We had time that afternoon so drove over and was it ever worth it! One of the most beautiful falls I have ever seen. It is a long hike with major elevation changes but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

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