The GSR in Reno July 2-23 (week 3)

As I have said our time in Reno was very full, and one reason was the fact that July is “Art-Town” in Reno, a month long celebration of art of all types. Steve Rubin, one of our local friends, wrote, produced and starred in a production of “Euthanasia the Musical”. It also featured our talented musician friends Jim and Ken. While the subject sounds morbid, it was actually very enlightening and positive. Great job by Steve and friends to support something he truly believes in.

We had a fun cook out at the coach with a bunch of Patrick’s friends, all of whom used to hang out at our house when they were in school. It was great to see them all. As I mentioned we had dinner with Roy & Jean at PF Chang’s 3 times during our visits to Reno. But on the 18th we had dinner at their house and their daughter Paige joined us. A really fun night and I really appreciated the effort they made to have fun foods for me that night!

The next night Leslie and I saw Steve Martin and Martin Short perform in the GSR showroom. Leslie was a little disappointed, and while not as good as I had hoped it was still a fun time. Our friend Darren showed up from Phoenix that day but didn’t join us at the show. Leslie and Darren went down to Carson City on Sunday and did the “Taste of Downtown” walking food tour/charity event with Leslie’s cousin Deanna and her husband Jeff.

We finally checked out of the GSR on the 22nd, but parked the coach overnight in front of Ruthie and Jim’s house. This is because Leslie wanted to see s jazz group she had seen San Diego previously called “Sammy Miller and the Congregation”. Sammy is the son of a friend of Sara Butler Gold and they performed as part of Art Town month and were an absolute blast.

We left Reno on the 23rd of July after wonderful action packed weeks. We really loved our time there mostly because of the people we spent our time with. Thanks to all of you who were part of our special month.

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