The Vasovagal event- July 11

On July 18th Joe, Rich, Dominick Leslie and I went over to the GSR to have dinner at “Cantina”, a nice Mexican restaurant inside the casino. Before dinner we gathered at the coach for cocktails and everyone was having great fun. As I don’t drink I was taking the (legal in Nevada) candy edibles with THC. I perhaps over did it slightly. In any case during dinner I started to feel very light headed and eventually got up and told Leslie I had to leave. While standing next to the table getting ready to leave I just completely passed out and hit the floor. I woke up with several strangers standing around me and I had no idea where I was and what had happened. Leslie and others assumed I had a stroke or heart attack. I was still very light headed and knew I had not had a stroke as I had no symptoms. They called the paramedics who showed up in 15 minutes or so. After the paramedics got there I passed out again and they told me my heart rate dipped to 30 and my pressure was 60/40. Then I started to vomit for a few minutes and was obviously still feeling very poor. They hooked me up to an IV and took me to the hospital in an ambulance. After getting and EKG and a series of blood tests the emergency room doctor told me I had this “vasovagal” event which I had never heard of before but apparently is very common. Basically my issue was dehydration, which while still very serious in the short term is fine if dealt with quickly as it was. It is the most common diagnosis for fainting from standing too long, too much pressure , stress or in my case dehydration compounded by the THC.

While it was very scary at the time I am happy to report I am fine! Thanks to all who expressed concern and support.

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