The GSR in Reno July 2-23 (Week 2)

Dominick, Rich and Joe all came to Reno July 9th to spend some time with us. They all stayed at the GSR. On the 10th we had a large meet and greet in our coach with Dom, Rich and Joe + locals Jim, Ruthie, Steve, Julia and Ken. This was a precursor to our river cruise in October that they are all coming to Europe with us for. I made a vegetarian stew called “Ratatouille” which is basically my spicy marinara with sauteed eggplant, zucchini and squash added. I will add the recipe to the blog.

The next evening Dom, Rich, Joe, Leslie and I were having dinner at the Mexican restaurant in the GSR when I had a “special medical” experience I will detail in my next post.

But I survived and Rich & Dom left the next morning. Joe stayed for a few more days and Leslie drive him around Lake Tahoe. We went to Food Truck Friday which was great fun for all of us. The three of us also went to the movies and saw “Yesterday”. This was a sweet fantasy that has only a couple of people who remember the Beatles after a global event.

After Joe left, Noam flew up from Phoenix and stayed a few days. He and Leslie went to “Pops on the River” and we generally had a great time.

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